Henderson Feathers

Henderson Feathers is an all-volunteer based organization serving the Minnesota River Valley with a wide variety of environmental programs for both young and old. Serving on the Henderson Feathers Board of Directors: Arlene Busse, Pat Steckman, Art Straub, Sue Felmlee, David Kolter, Dave Rice.

Our Programs

Nature’s Neighbors – Provided by volunteers Art and Barb Straub. Nature’s Neighbors provides a summer-long environmental education sessions for children 7 to 11 years of age. Art and Barb have also provided the program to school classrooms and nursing homes across southern Minnesota.  Art and Barb also oversee our Mini Science Museum. 

Henderson Feathers Refuge Friends (HFRF) – Created as a “Friends” group to support the expansion of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Refuge system in the Minnesota River Valley, HFRF will serve as an army of volunteers to help the goals and objectives of the Federal Refuge Program.

Henderson Hummingbird Hurrah (HHH) – An annual August festival that celebrates the Ruby-throated hummingbird in the environment as pollinators and as the magical little bird exquisitely unique in color and flight. Come and enjoy the events including the banding of those hummingbirds as they prepare for the southern migration.

Hummingbird Garden – Dave Rice, from the Minnesota New Country School, oversees the Hummingbird Garden. Dave and his students raise many plants in the School’s greenhouse that are destined for the Hummingbird Garden.

Mini Science Museum – A priceless collection of Birds of the Minnesota River Valley is available for public viewing.

Contact Henderson Feathers – hendersonfeathers@gmail.com