Mini Science Museum

Visit the Mini-Birding Science Museum Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. It’s a self-guided tour with many things to see and hear.526 Main Street, Henderson, MN

5905789_origA priceless collection of Birds of the Minnesota River Valley is available for public viewing five days a week at Henderson Feathers. Children and adults alike wanting to know more about the birds in their back yard can come to Henderson Feathers, see a specimen of the specie, learn about its habits and habitat, it’s nesting times, and general information that will make bird watching and identification a much more rewarding adventure.8387408_origSeeing the real bird, up close and holding it in its case is the key. Being able to see the subtle colors, wing bands, shape of the beak, those hard-to-see-at-a-distance details of bird identification is much easier when you can hold and examine the real thing and that is what is available at the Mini Science Museum

9414281_origThe main collection is housed at the J. R. Brown Minnesota River Center but a mini-portion of the collection is now known as the Minnesota Valley Mini-Birding Science Museum,” a fantastic addition to the resources offered by Henderson Feathers. The collection includes bird specimens, nests, examples of habitat, sound resources and general information about bird identification and the impact of environment on bird species and other animals in nature are on display. We share the environment with all creatures and we, as humans, must be responsible in our use of that environment. We know the birds and animals do their part and we must do ours. This exhibit helps us understand how.

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